Roll Down (GU010)
Uwe Worlitzer, Thomas Heat, Martin Eigenberg

Martin Eigenberg’s and Tino Heider’s Furstenwalde based Groundunder label  - now on its 10th release has always been a reliable source of solid and qualitiv house music. ‘Roll Down’ is a carefully wrought cut of sleek, energetic dancefloor house with tight drum compression and a driving and at times frantic sense of purpose. It’s supported by a powerful progressive remix from the guys of Hot N Dirty, who builds the track using uplifting strings and swirling atmospheric effects. Very interesting is also the cooperation between Uwe Worlitzer who is known for its pumpin big room productions, Thomas Heat and Martin Eigenberg who are making their way with techy progressive beats at the moment.

Released: 16/04/2010
Format: Digital